Light Filtering Roller Blinds

Light Filtering Roller Blinds in Auckland

Here’s a category of roller blind largely unknown to many roller blind lovers – furthermore there’s much confusion between light filtering roller blinds and sunscreen roller blinds. With light filtering roller blinds light comes into your home in a nice soft diffused way. So not ideal for bedrooms where you want room darkening, but good in your living areas where you want privacy while retaining soft light. With a sunscreen roller blind you keep some view while cutting back a lot of heat & glare. Choose light filtering roller blinds for non bedroom areas where you want the option of complete privacy during the day or night but still want light during the day

The light filtering category of roller blind can save you money too when successfully used instead of a double roller blind system (i.e.: using a blockout roller blind and a sunscreen roller blind together in each window space).

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