Curtain Lining

Curtain Lining in Auckland

Curtain lining helps curtains to hang properly while also adding body to the curtain. Certain curtain linings also offer additional benefits. We have several options in our range, all of which are high-quality at affordable prices.

  • Polycotton – ideal for lightweight curtains. It most commonly comes in white or cream and helps the curtain to fall properly. It increases the level of privacy of the fabric too.
  • Blackout lining – curtain lining that is treated to prevent light from getting through.
  • Interlining – a lining that is added to the curtain fabric and the main curtain lining. It fits between the two and makes the curtain fuller. Interlining can also increase the insulation properties of the curtain.
  • Fire retardant lining – increases the curtain’s fire resistance properties
  • Thermal lining – designed to keep cold air out in the winter as well as to keep rooms cooler in the summer

Curtain Lining fabric range

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